2022 Public Health Law Summit

Strengthening Protections for Community Health and Advancing Health and Racial Equity


This town hall will involve round table discussions where participants will be invited to share current and anticipated challenges to their ability to respond to natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and other health threats, and how Act for Public Health can assist now and with strategies going forward.

The Summit will be divided into two focused Sections that can be registered for separately or together:

Section One: Strengthening Protections for Community Health

Section Two: Advancing Health and Racial Equity

Keynote speaker: Letitia Dzirasa, M.D.

Opening address: Umair Shah, M.D., M.P.H.



Session One:
  • Deregulatory Forces at Work: How ALEC’s Model Bills Fuel Legislation that Protects Corporate Interests and Harms Public Health
  • Efforts to Rollback Public Health Authority: Tracking the Legislation and Assessing the Impact
  • Key Public Health Partnerships with the Business Sector, Faith Communities, and Law Enforcement
  • Advocacy and Lobbying: What the Law Means for Public Health

Session Two:

  • Preemption: How the Weapon of Choice for Preventing Local Policy Making is Impacting Health and Health Equity
  • Public Health Orders Versus Individual Rights: Shifting Court Rulings in Response to COVID-19
  • Countering COVID Denialism
  • Legal Epidemiology: Why Do It, How to Do It, How to Use It
  • Hounding, Harassment and Threats: How Attacks on Public Health Workers are Driving Efforts to Increase Protections and Hold Individuals Accountable
  • Judicial Updates and Trends: Emergency Authority, Separation of Powers, and Federalism
  • Protecting Public Health Authority: Why Building the Legal Capacity in Public Health Departments is so Critical
  • Public Health Messaging: What Did We Get Right, What Did We Get Wrong, Where Do We Go Next?

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