Advancing Equitable Economies Policy Library

The Advancing Equitable Economies Policy Library (Equitable Economies Library) is a searchable, living library of policies that can be leveraged to advance more equitable economies. It is designed for advocates to explore policy strategies and options that have the potential to bring us closer to an equitable, well-being economy for all.

The Equitable Economies Library is organized by the following impact areas.

What is an Equitable, Well-being Economy?

An equitable well-being economy is a living system. It rests on the basic goal of all people and places thriving together–with no exceptions. It is an economy that is just, regenerative, multiracial. It values all stakeholder interests. An equitable economy rebalances power. It provides what everyone needs to participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. A well-being economy provides opportunity for freedom, voice, power, ownership. It leads to a fulfilling life over generations for everyone. An economy that addresses inequities due to racism, colonialism and other discrimination creates the conditions for everyone to thrive together.


The Advancing Equitable Economies Policy Database was developed by the Equitable Economies Cooperative of the Well Being In the Nation (WIN) Network that is developing a policy agenda to create more equitable economies that improve health, wellbeing, and equity.

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