Community Engagement During COVID: A Field Report From Seven CTSAs

This journal article provides a descriptive summary of how Clinical and Translational Science Awards leaders have used community engagement and community engaged research during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shares lessons learned on academic and community partnerships during a major disease outbreak for future use.

Related Topics

Community Assessment and Engagement

Community assessment is a systematic process by which a community’s health status and related factors are examined; it is used to identify problems and assets in a community. Through community engagement, stakeholders work together to address health-related issues and promote well-being with the goal of improving health outcomes. These two processes work hand-in-hand to facilitate health improvements. COVID-19 has changed the assessment landscape in many ways–introducing new challenges for engagement, upending pre-pandemic implementation plans, and necessitating new and updated data to understand emerging health impacts and needs.

Related Sectors

Communities and Neighborhoods


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