COVID-19 Information Navigator

This training aims to support bilingual and multilingual community members in reducing health information barriers by sharing vital health information with people with limited English skills. The training provides tools and strategies for identifying and communicating important COVID-19 and other health information. It also includes specific tips and resources for communicating effectively, better understanding how to find accessible healthcare services (such as interpreters for patients), finding and sharing up-to-date and accurate COVID-19 information, and taking action by advocating for community COVID safety.

Related Topics

Community Assessment and Engagement

Community assessment is a systematic process by which a community’s health status and related factors are examined; it is used to identify problems and assets in a community. Through community engagement, stakeholders work together to address health-related issues and promote well-being with the goal of improving health outcomes. These two processes work hand-in-hand to facilitate health improvements. COVID-19 has changed the assessment landscape in many ways–introducing new challenges for engagement, upending pre-pandemic implementation plans, and necessitating new and updated data to understand emerging health impacts and needs.

Community Mitigation

This topic is coming soon!