Explore the Latest in Public Health Workforce Development: The 2021 Public Health Learning Forum

This webpage provides information on the Public Health Learning Forum and its advocacy for the development of the public health workforce in the US. Information is provided on the opening forum, as well as subsequent ones and focuses on delivering key advocacy messages relating to public health work in the US.

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Public Health Workforce Development and Diversity

The public health workforce plays an essential role in securing the vital conditions for health and well-being for all to thrive. A skilled, resourced, and robust public health workforce is needed to meet the demands of public health today and prepare for the needs of tomorrow. A diverse public health workforce is better equipped to address the needs of the most impacted and marginalized, and implement population health strategies. COVID-19 has shed light on challenges facing the public health workforce, while also exacerbating them. The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the need to skill up the workforce; support workers’ needs; center equity in workforce development efforts; and plan for the future.

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Public Health

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