Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning is about providing a good education for all that ensures all people, regardless of age, background, or ability, are set up for success, and have the opportunities to reach their full potential. It’s about an education that launches people into meaningful careers, with ongoing opportunities to learn and grow.

Education is an engine of social mobility with implications for health and well-being that extend across the entire lifetime. From birth, we are developing and learning. Supportive learning environments positively shape social and behavioral development and set children on a path that maximizes their capacity to learn, and positively shapes their social and behavioral development. A solid preK-12 education launches young people into productive futures wherein they may pursue higher education, trades, or ongoing and community-based education, and advance their lives and livelihoods through the power of learning. Education is also an engine of social mobility. Higher levels of education are linked with more income, better health, and increased opportunities. Conversely, disparities in access to education and educational attainment persist, and can be perpetuated across generations.

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