Meaningful Work and Wealth

Meaningful Work and Wealth is an indispensable vital condition that we all depend on for our health and well-being. Peoples lives and self-worth flourish when doing productive, rewarding work. The income one earns prevents material deprivation; and the experience of productive work itself converts dependency into a dignified sense of purpose. Even beyond the immediate importance of earning a paycheck, meaningful work lifts up entire families and communities, creating a vibrant and interdependent commonwealth. The promise of America democracy is best fulfilled when we work with others, across differences, to create things of lasting value. Likewise, the ability to accumulate adequate wealth shapes the living standards not only for individual families and communities, but for generations to come. Being able to afford assets like a home or a computer opens avenues to participate more fully in work, school, and community life. Also, the chance to build financial equity, for example through a retirement account or by owning shares in a company, enables people to invest in education or to start a business of their own.

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