“Urban health is expansive and interconnected. It encompasses the interdependence of many social and physical structures and conditions that define the urban landscape and ultimately, these factors impact how long and how well we live. An urban health agenda can highlight this interdependence and inform city departments can and must do their work to align these factors to create and sustain health.” – Urban Health Agenda

The Urban Health Agenda, released in June 2022 by Big Cities Health Coalition, aims to advance a shared, actionable vision to transform urban health. Four key principles form the basis of the vision:

    1. Health and prosperity in big cities are directly linked 
    2. Equity and justice must drive every aspect of urban health 
    3. Intentional, equitable, and just use of structural tools and interventions can tangibly improve the health and wellness of communities
    4. Health departments are uniquely positioned to not just highlight injustices but address equity and justice in the pursuit of good health – but they can’t do it alone

Utilizing a foundational framework that is informed by these principles, the Agenda connects four dimensions of urban health: root causes of inequity, social determinants of health, health and quality-of-life outcomes, and tools for fighting inequity.

The Urban Health Agenda provides guidance for big city public health departments to lead change in their cities. It delineates four key roles for public health: agenda setter; narrative framer; community partner, facilitator and resource; and steward of data-driven policy and practice. Local public health departments, city governments, local organizations, and community members and advocates should use the Agenda to prioritize health in public decision making. Learn more at https://www.bigcitieshealth.org/urban-health-agenda/.

Urban Health Agenda

This report aims to provide a framework focusing on protecting and promoting the well-being of the nation’s big cities by building healthier, more equita...

The Urban Health Agenda was developed by Big Cities Health Coalition and supported by the CDC Foundation, de Beaumont Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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