For 58 years, the Public Health Institute (PHI) has accelerated the impact of public health. PHI and its programs are committed to leveraging resources, partnerships, and collaborations to maximize advances that improve public health, equity, and well-being. PHI provides expert advice, partnership opportunities, technical assistance, and consultation to public, private and non-governmental stakeholders at local, state, national, and global levels.

PHI’s curated portfolio focuses on the ideas, programs and individuals positioned to transform health. PHI continues to strengthen equity and racial justice in its internal and external systems by centering community in its systems approach, and pioneering best practices for engaging participants to strengthen community power and trust.

PHI strengthens the work of public health and builds community power through three key roles: as a fiscal sponsor, as a thought leader/research institution and as an implementing partner. PHI is much more than a traditional fiscal sponsor; we drive the public health conversation and develop the next generation of public health leaders and advocates. We don’t just bring people to the table, we bring the right people to the table. We use our communication resources and reputation to shape how public health issues are understood, sharing evidence for action. PHI is a partner, working with funders, the private sector, government and other agencies to strengthen and implement their vision.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides specialized expertise—from creating new partnerships, to navigating relationships between governmental, the for-profit sector and non-profit teams, to building community consensus and will for healthy changes—all based on best practices and proven interventions. We bring a broad network, nimble infrastructure and a roster of proven interventions. This allows us to launch new projects quickly and bring effective work to scale.

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