Centering and Celebrating Culture in Public Health 

Your Guide to National Public Health Week 2023

Culture is the set of attitudes, values, conventions, goals, social practices, and beliefs of a racial, religious or social group, and their social forms and material traits. In other words, culture is our way of life. When it comes to health, culture shapes our health behaviors, our beliefs and norms about health, and how we organize to advance health and well-being. Further, practicing our own culture is vital to community health and well-being. Centering and celebrating culture in health is the theme of National Public Health Week 2023. We invite you to explore the below resources as you prepare for National Public Health Week.

National Public Health Week is Coming Up!

For over twenty-five years, the American Public Health Association has organized National Public Health Week. Taking place during the first full week of April every year, National Public Health Week is an occasion to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving the nation’s health. This year’s focus on centering and celebrating cultures in health is an opportunity for those in the public health community to deepen our knowledge about the connection between culture and health, center stories from different cultural groups, and take action to promote culture and health.

National Public Health Week is April 3 – 9, 2023


Get Involved


Learn more about how you can engage across the following objectives.

1. Deepen our shared knowledge

about the connection between culture and health. This NPHW, we challenge you to learn more about culture, health, cultural competence, and humility.

How Culture Influences Health

This webpage outlines how culture influences the health of individuals, families, and communities. It also provides guidance for healthcare professionals in pro...

Belonging and Civic Muscle

Belonging and Civic Muscle is an indispensable vital condition that we all depend on for our health and well-being. Social support through friends, family, and ...

2. Center stories

from different cultural groups. This NPHW, we invite you to listen and learn from each others’ stories with humility and openness.

3. Reflect

on culture and how it intersects with race, ethnicity, language, health literacy, and other factors to produce health and well-being. Invite others into the conversation and think together about how to promote cultural well-being.

Imagining a New America

“And so we must imagine a new country.” These are words of the poet, journalist, prophet of our times: Ta-Nehisi Coates. This hour, he’s with ...

4. Take action

to promote culture and health.

Indigenous Knowledge Library

Indigenous knowledge—also known as traditional knowledge—refers to information, meanings, purposes, and values that Indigenous peoples have gathered, concep...

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