Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health: Our New Guide to National Public Health Week 2023

Culture is the set of attitudes, values, conventions, goals, social practices, and beliefs of a racial, religious or social group, and their social forms and material traits. In other words, culture is our way of life. When it comes to health, culture shapes our health behaviors, our beliefs and norms about health, and how we organize to advance health and well-being. Further, practicing our own culture is vital to community health and well-being. Centering and celebrating culture in health is the theme of National Public Health Week 2023. We invite you to explore the resources we have prepared in our National Public Health Week Toolkit as this special event begins.

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This toolkit is designed to help the public health community prepare for National Public Health Week. It features a curated collection of resources designed to deepen shared knowledge, center diverse stories, reflect and dialogue, and take action to promote cultural well-being.

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