Sabias Que a Hijo Lo Pueden Vacunar De Manera Gratuita?

This Spanish-language resource for WIC staff and participants can also be helpful for any parent or pregnant person. It combines resources from CDC, Vaccinate Your Family, and other credible organizations. Individual resources from the booklet can be printed and distributed, or the booklet can be printed and distributed as a whole.

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Vaccination is one of public health’s most successful tools for preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases and, increasingly, cancers and chronic diseases too. Immunization is an effective and cost-efficient strategy that prevents sickness and death in all age groups and saves billions of dollars each year. The COVID-19 epidemic and recent outbreaks of measles and other preventable infectious diseases underscore the importance of vaccines and sustaining high vaccination rates. Work is needed to ensure that people of all ages receive a complete series of the vaccines they need.

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