Pathways to Population

Health Equity


Dr. Angelica Hardee

Public health has always prioritized health equity – but we have not always had the tools or set-up to help us take strategic action together with the public. Pathways to Population Health Equity (P2PHE) helps to fill this gap. P2PHE offers a framework, roadmaps, compass, and tools for public health practitioners to build a more prepared, resilient, and proactive public health system at every level. The framework and associated tools can be adapted to the issues most prominent in your own jurisdiction. Whether you are an individual public health change agent in the community, a tribal health department leader, a health officer for a small rural or large city health department, a state or territorial health officer, if you are working to strategically advance population health with an equity lens, this guide is for you. Explore the guide and resources below.


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Community Tool Box – Toolkits

This compilation of toolkits provides information and resources for a variety of community work objectives, including building leadership, assessing communit...

Promoting Internal Communication

This webpage provides information on how to make sure that your organization runs smoothly and effectively by promoting official and unofficial internal comm...

How Racism Makes Us Sick

This article explains how everyday racism and structural inequities add up to poor health and life outcomes.

Healthy Places Index Policy Guides

This resource identifies evidence-based policy interventions to meet the needs of the community tied to indicators in the Healthy Places Index. Interventions...

Health Impact Assessment

This webpage provides tools to understand health and equity impacts of policies and programs across sectors, applied as part of a Health in All Policies Appr...

Complex Care Startup Toolkit

This toolkit provides tools to operationalize a system of complex care that address mental, physical and social needs together.

Community Health and Economic Prosperity

This resource is intended to foster public health and business collaboration. It provides resources that make the business case for health equity and racial...

Communities of Solutions

This website is a review of key characteristics that lead to growing, equitable transformation in communities.

Budgeting for Health

This book chapter discusses how countries can effectively budget for health, or allocate national funds to the health sector, and why this process is importa...

10 Dangers of Collective Impact

This article examines the worst practices in using the collective impact approach for social change and lessons on how to avoid them.

What Works for Health

This tool allows users to find policies and programs that fit their community’s priorities. Users are able to find and select evidence-policies and sy...

Well-Being in the Nation (WIN) Measures

WIN measures are created by and with communities, with support from national groups like the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, National Qual...

Equitable Development Toolkit

This resource includes 27 tools to reverse patterns of segregation and disinvestment, prevent displacement, and promote equitable revitalization.
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